Saturday, January 26, 2013


Avatar is a new word in today's society, new to me in many ways because I have not participated in many video games, or time online. However Avatar as I have learned recently can have many different meanings, it can have a religious context, the form of a God coming to earth, or really take on any representation of oneself. Such as the picture I have posted on this blog that represents me in some way, that is an avatar. Avatars are interesting, they give one a way to get away from ones self and create any image that they want to display, however some might say that an avatar could also be one's true self.

Watching the movie Avatar I think it is easier to see this dichotomy between a real world, or ones reality, and then the possibility of another reality. Jake Sully gets the chance in one reality to walk, run, and learn about these indigenous people, and their forest and way of life. However in another reality he cannot walk and is wheel chair bound, and is working to not have the indigenous people murdered for the acquirement of some new element.

The fact that Jake ends up becoming a 'hero' or 'savior' for these people and ultimately ends up becoming his avatar in the end and staying on this new world speak to the idea of an avatar being better than his other reality. The world of pandora itself is amazing, beautiful and full of colors and different sounds, while earth as Jake claims has killed its mother. I think it offers little help for true reality, claiming that that reality is only killing and destroying what is in its path while the indigenous people are bringing life and the option for a new start. There is also the idea that this world is better since the people are displayed stronger, fitter, and Jake is able to walk in this world, the other reality in comparison is very weak.

I think this can relate to many people in society today, sometimes it is easier, better, to be someone else when life can be a struggle. It is easier to go online become somebody that is respected and liked, while forgetting about another reality that is so much harder or worse. I can see how people become lost in video games where they can be a hero, or a heroine and not worry about the trivial things in some other reality. Avatars give us the chance to experience something new and usually give us the chance to do something we wouldn't normally be able to do.

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