Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Playing a video game each week has become very frustrating for me, I am terrible at it, I struggle finding the time for it, and I seem to forget everything I have learned the week before. I have now only made it through a few missions, because I seem to fail for almost an hour before I can even complete one mission without being found out or dying.

I have now made it past the death eaters, and walking around the streets of London under my invisibility cloak, and have now arrived in Grimwauld place. My next mission is to search the house and kill these terrible pixie things that keep killing me. Ron and Hermione are no help at all, and even though I defeated the ones in the kitchen I seem unable to kill the ones upstairs. I have tried time after time, and I cannot seem to not dye before I am able to kill them all. There is nothing that I can do but try over and over again but it seems to not be yielding much success. I know last week that I learned how to change the spell that I cam casting at them, but I seem unable to remember how to do that, so I keep using the one I have. It almost seems pointless but I know it can be done since it is a game and I am given the chance at life again and trying to conquer evil.

One thing that is fun about the game is that it follows the story of the book really well, there is quite a story line between each mission and the things I am doing are all things that happened either in the book or the movie. In that sense, being Harry is giving me the opportunity to live out the fantasy of actually being a wizard in the magical world of Harry Potter, something I used to only imagine and act out when I was younger and growing up reading the books. It is also interesting to see how they adapt the game to the narrative, having to incorporate things that Harry did and telling a story, and then how they create "activities" or missions for me to complete as well.

I think this game would be almost impossible to play if you didn't know what was going on and had never seen the movies or the books. I guess the skill level could be there, but it is hard to understand your mission or where you should go next without understanding the story first, which could be frustrating in and of itself. 

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