Wednesday, May 1, 2013

nature in video games

Since playing harry Potter it is weird thinking about the scenery in the game and the environment that surrounds me. Since it is a game that is adapted from a book, one already has images of each place in mind for what grimwauld place, harry's house and the burrow should look like. It is weird when the movie also plays a factor in how the video game tries to create a scenery that is similar to the movie, and it is all things working together to create the world of Harry Potter.

It would not be complete without some nature however, the magical world of course has a few creatures and plants that are not found in our natural world that have to be accounted for. But nature is a big part of life and if there was nature throughout the game, then it would not seem real. So far in the game, I have not encountered too much nature except at the burrow. I had to fight off death eaters at Ron's brothers wedding and we were working through a maze of plants. In that scene nature was scary, all the bushes would not let me find my surroundings and it was hard to figure out where I was going.

There also seem to be so many different scenes, I am not very good at the game so I am still stuck in the urban part of the book. working through the streets of London, and how that type of "nature" or buildings can become a scenery if and of itself. That is scary because of the people that are present and anyone can be a threat to me. And in Grimwauld place itself it is a huge house full of secrets and magical creatures that are out to get me.

It is interesting to me to think of my surroundings in a video game, since they are so important, and yet I am so focused on my task at hand that it is sometimes hard for me to notice the things that the game has surrounded me with. Although the scenery is often a clue as to how I need to go about my quest or adventure or next task, and it is important not only for me to complete the task but look at what is going on around me. 

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