Monday, February 18, 2013

Avatars and birth order

Avatars allow us a portal to become something new, or express ourselves in a different way. In Little Woman, I believe many young woman reading can identify with at least one of the characters and in a way grow closer to them and become more attached to the book by living vicariously through their character. Looking at Little woman and the three sisters however I think it is interesting to look at their birth order and how that affects them, as well as other people in my life.

I am one of four, I have two older brothers and a younger sister. My eldest brother, Jacob is a lot like Meg. He liked to tell us how things were supposed to be done, much like Meg lecturing the younger girls, or advising them about what is right in life. Jacob also enjoys the nicer things about life and was the first one to marry. He went off to college and came back with a wife. He is very traditional and lives a nice life serving his country and being a family man.

Jonathan second in order was definitely the rebel of the family. He was always butting heads with my parents, as well as Jacob. Much how Jo refuses to be a girl at times, or conform to the traditions and old way of life. He also did not get along well with Jacob for a long time, much how sometimes with all her antics, Jo infuriates Meg or embarrasses her.

I am the third one, and I can identify with Beth and how is more on the outskirts of the family. All three of my siblings are English majors and I am the only science major. I can not relate to my siblings in that way at all. I also was a very complacent child growing up and didn't cause much trouble, much like Beth. I am the housekeeper of my family, often cooking and cleaning when I go home for my mom. Like the jobs that Beth completed and her wish to just stay with her mother and father.

My youngest, Sarah, is a lot like Amy. She is always getting into trouble, but means so well. She is an artist as well and loves a new way of thinking. She is often shocking my parents with her new ideas and way of embracing life, like Amy going off to Europe and wanting to move up in the world through society.

I think it is interesting to look at birth order as an Avatar as well, how people sometimes identify with how they are "the baby" or how the oldest and what that implies.

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