Monday, February 18, 2013


So playing video games has never been a big part of my life, I have always preferred my own imaginary world or books to a video game world. I remember growing up however, sometimes playing with my brothers, or creating blanket forts in their room and watching them conquer some game. My sister and I loved being able to participate in that part of our older brothers lives, since most of the time we were too young to be able to play with them as well.

So playing Harry Potter has been quite the experience. I chose the game because I love the books, and I knew the story so I thought it may be more interesting and easier to play since I should know what is going on. I also chose a gaming system that I knew how to use. Once I started playing I love the aspect of it following the book so well. There is narrative, and the characters talk, and the story follows the way it should, with little missions in between.

Since it is a story I did not choose my avatar, I had to be Harry Potter, but what little kid wouldn't dream of being Harry? I remember wanting to get my letter from hogwarts, and playing wizards growing up, it was such an enticing world, that I wanted to be real. That part of playing the game is a lot of fun. I am terrible at playing, but I love being able to kill death eaters myself, and fighting off magical creatures, and finding potions, and getting rid of the evil Voldemort.

Playing is also very frustrating, the missions that I have to complete do not seem that hard, like killing off death eaters with spells, or trying to see if an area is safe. Yet, I keep failing time after time, and it repeats the mission and I keep trying and trying. Sometimes I have to stop, because I become to frustrated, but it always that much more rewarding when I do complete the mission fully. Then I go to a new part of the story and complete a new mission.

I think part of the draw is knowing what comes next, and it does make some of the game easier since I know what to expect and the goal overall. I know that death eaters are bad, and why they go certain places, and I recognize all the places in the story since I have already read about them and seen the movies.

Hopefully I get better with time and continue to learn new spells and find more potions!

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