Thursday, February 14, 2013

Playing with my heart

Play is usually seen as something good, a way to have fun, learn, pass the time, but it can be taken in a negative way when someone is seen as "playing" with someone's emotions. Such as telling someone one thing and meaning another, or not telling the truth in order to get a rise out of them or lead them on. It can be fun, flirting can be seen as a game, or teasing when two people play off of each others emotions. It can also be hurtful when someone says something and means another and the other person is not able to read between the lines. People are hardly ever completely honest however, we are always sparing people's feelings, letting people guess how we really feel and participating in the complicated social game of life.

In little woman, this is seen through Meg and Laurie, when Laurie teases her with a note that is supposedly from Mr. Brooke. The letter declares Mr. Brooke's love for Meg, and when Meg writes back politely refusing, Laurie writes another note that tells of Mr. Brooke not being able to wait because he is passionately in love with her. While being a game for Laurie, to get some fire under Meg and see her reaction since he knows that Mr. Brooke actually does love Meg, Meg is mortified when she finds out is Laurie. The whole family is mad at Laurie and he even gets a talking to by Marmee, it is a moment where we see that playing and certain games can be very hurtful. Laurie was messing with Meg's emotions and trying to see if she liked Mr. Brooke, and he hurt her and ashamed her.

Another example is seen with Meg and Mr. Brooke. Mr. Brooke finally gets a moment alone with Meg and is telling her how he really feels, and suddenly Meg feels excited. She has never flirted before, and when she starts refusing him, the power shifts and she loves the feeling of being in control. Meg states, "Don't think of me at all. I'd rather you wouldn't," said Meg, taking a naughty satisfaction in try8ing her lover's patience and her own power" (229). Mr. Brooke wonders if she is playing a game as well, "....Don't play with me, Meg. I didn't think that of you" (229). Another instance where playing is seen as something bad, playing with emotions is not something one should partake in. Meg's character is questioned in this section, the words naughty is used to describe what she is doing and Mr. Brooke did not think her capable of such games.

It is interesting to look at both sides of everything, so often games are seen as something good but sometimes they are bad. Playing with ones emotions, or hurting someone through playing games is not good and will not turn out well. 

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